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With all respect towards the different care drafts, we have well considered our work as well as purposes, before we have generally decided to give our children in the foreign care.

Among other results of our discussions, talks at our meetings and our exchange of experience in the parental association and more, presented to you on these Internet pages, is our refusal of drafts which might sound good but which guarantee little progress in the development for your children or influence which is even unwanted.

Here some examples of the attempts which we do not want to obey in our equipment certainly:

-We train and 'train' our children that they don`t need to obey to a bell if they should assemble for singing, plays, tinkering or food. Our experts gather the children with a pleasant and nice nevertheless logical voice to take part to small rituals or support sequences.

-Our children do not have at any time the unlimited choice of the toys with which they would like to play. Between the free play there are the regular sequences which are defined in the day plan for every week. Besides, the children learn something new over and over again and above all they learn that a day also consists of parts which have their own sense.

-We are no foreign-language care institution, even if our experts (at least one on every group) can speak fluently several foreign languages. We take care the foreign-language parents to meet their children in their mother language. The children learn with us, nevertheless, the German which is called in Switzerland 'dialect'.

Several members of our sponsorship and also some our employees are non-Swiss a descent. In a multicultural land this is usual. As cosmopolites we know how to estimate our fellow citizens and to respect them without paying attention to their descent or religious affiliation.

If we ourselves come from a foreign land, we try within the scope of the family to promote our mother language, and to develop the understanding for multilingual facility with our children. If not, these young people will learn early enough that in the educational system of Switzerland they have enough opportunities to learn foreign languages. Day-care centers – if for example English speaking on the flag is written - appeal by means of such advertisement of our opinion to the 'stylish one' without wanting to give the real additional value to the children.

In the general public, in the social life and in the circle of friends we talk the language which is best understood. In addition, the specific Swiss dialect of the German is very nice and melodic. It is a part of the Swiss culture and the values which we feel as especially important for life.

For these reasons we sing the child songs, we play and talk and sometimes also argue in Schwizerdütsch.

And we are persuaded, together with the parents, that mother language spoken at home codevelop miraculously good and positive with bilingual and polyglot abilities.


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