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The Children and their security

The Education institutes of the occupation „expert of care“, treat the subject „security of children“ in detail.
The authorities of the town of Zurich, require it and check the observance of instructions on the subject „ prevention of dangers“.
Our experience in care of children indicates to us every single day what is important for meeting of dangers for our children.
Many institutes for children care have worked out security plans and safety measures. Some of those hang up on the walls in the day-care centers to remind how important the consciousness is for the security of children. Our care work is based, as everybody knows, on four columns:

- Security
- Hygiene
- Specific child support
- Consciousness for a loose order

These important elements distinguish us from the other care institutes, and bring a special additional value to you and to development of your children. We have shown our knowledge, the long-standing experiences as parents and child responsible persons, our present experiences and our security consciousness in a comprehensive security draft. It contains important measures and examples, and prevention regulations as well as behaviour ways in different situations.

Because this is unique, it is only for our employees and for you. Therefore, we ask you to request password for access and download of the security draft from our cradle leaders.


We would be very grateful for your feedback and your impressions!

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