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At `Grow2gether` Care Center we are proud to introduce you to our very professional and experienced team.

Parent-Nurse Relationship

Parents and `Schnappi`, `Dino`, `Dinolina`, `Fröschlihuus`, `Harmonie` and `Nessie` responsible person, are first educators and we wish to have a strong relationship concerning the child and related to information exchange. Besides of daily briefing and debriefing, twice annually will be sent a circular letter to all parents. In addition parents are invited to our regular parent-nurse consulting meetings.

First day......

We want your child to 'feel at home' in our nursery to enjoy a safe, loving, learning environment. Some children take a little longer to settle in than others and we would like to reassure parents of our care and attention especially at this initial stage. Our settling policy is enclosed in our handbook.


Our key-worker system enables your child to relate to one special adult right from the settling in stage. Each member of staff has particular responsibility for a small group of children, records and observations are made and individual needs can be incorporated into the Nursery's curriculum. The key-worker also maintains links with parents sharing information on unique needs and achievements.

Special Needs

Each child is able to reach its potential in all areas of development at its own rate, including children who need additional support or have particular needs or disabilities. Key-workers will work with outside agencies and take specific action to help children make the best possible progress.


Our policy statements are enclosed in our handbook and are structured to offer children and their families the best possible care. Our policies are subject to review and we welcome any comments or suggestions from parents. A copy is available for inspection at the nursery to help you in considering placing your child in our care.

Nursery Handbook

A copy of the Handbook referred to throughout the Prospectus can be downloaded or made available on request. However, all parents whose children start with `Grow2gether` Nursery will automatically receive a copy.

Our policies include:

· Admissions
· Child Protection & Safety
· Confidentiality & Complaints
· Equal Opportunities
· Settling In
· Behaviour Management
· Health & Hygiene
· Special Needs
· Parental Involvement
· Staffing & Employment
· Holidays & Other Absences
· Selecting Play Equipment & Toys


We welcome ideas for things bringing even more Quality in our work. Please email your suggestions to:


i n f o @ g r o w 2 g e t h e r . c h

Every your proposal we shall discuss separately, and give you feedback. We thank you very much for your support and recommendation.


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